Collection: Meilleurs Jours 2021

When we were young, we used to travel to Senegal and Gambia every summer. As young girls we were often fascinated by what we saw in the markets we visited: The way the people dressed, the fragrances in the air, and the energy. The people made it seem like the world was their oyster and that there is no limit to creativity.

Those memories stayed with us and influenced the Diawéne DNA. 

Fast track to New York City and San Diego, we continued our fascination for creativity, which naturally led us to fashion, art and music - as it led our mother before us too. Living in the US, we were introduced to the It-Girl, It-Boy, It-Couple, It-Restaurant, It-Club, and every fashion girl's dream: The It-Bag. We learned how to dream, that being multi-dimensional is an advantage, and that anything is possible - even for little girls from the capital of Norway.

Moving back to Norway from the States, we fueled the merging of our worlds: Senegal, Gambia, United States and Norway - which resulted in Diawéne.
For the coming collection, we had to search for new ideas and ways to keep the creativity flowing in what you could call a new world, starting with those around us and the people we meet every day. Often, we search for inspiration and magic in other places than the environments we are in. This time, we dove deeper into what already exists: The places, the people, and the experiences in our everyday life.

The coming extensions of Diawéne are inspired by the modern working man and woman, our sisters, fathers, brothers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and friends. Throughout the year we will continue telling the stories that move us and create pieces inspired by people we meet every day.
In addition to adding new, well-crafted jewelry to our Diawéne archives, we are introducing a new line this year.

The sisters Haddy and Aissatou have always had a love for accessories and pieces that add that little extra to any outfit. Jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, hats, or bags are essentials to their personal styles. They spent a lot of time observing working women and men, people who would love to be fashionable but also practical. People who are searching for products that hold a long lifespan, that you can use every day, and which fit your needs. We have applied that to the best of our ability to our jewelry and continue to do that in the future as we introduce new products.

Introducing Oslo and Dakar this season: Our first clutch and handbag made of cow leather. We use animal by-product materials, which means that the animals are consumed first and then we make use of the leftover leather to create leather goods.

We try to focus on the materials that the local artisans use in their creative work. When we decided to expand, we searched for creatives that shared our values and took pride in their craftsmanship. We found a small family-owned manufacturer that specializes in leather goods. Channeling our love for accessories, we want to keep creating pieces that are durable, but also beautiful and timeless. The Oslo clutch and Dakar purse are an extension of the founders’ love for purses and clutches.