Social Responsibility

At Diawéne we are concerned with the ripple effect that our brand has on society, and we embrace our opportunity to give back and create a positive change.
We want to make sure that we run a business that is both socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our brand philosophy is to embrace sustainability and helping smaller economies in developing nations. Our jewelry is all handmade in Senegal by local jewelers, using high quality sustainable materials that will stand the test of time and easily kept neat.

We produce our products in Senegal, because they have a long history of beautiful craftsmanship within various segments. More importantly we produce there in an effort to create jobs in our community, and ensure our partners receives fair pay. We believe that this is a more sustainable way of lifting the local community and helps created positive ripple effects in society.

Every time someone buys Diawéne they will be contributing to us dedicating 10% of our profit to different charities and causes. Most of them focus on education and entrepreneurship in underdeveloped countries.