Collection: LE CHEMIN by Citrus Studio

For our new collection we‘ll continue looking at heritage, but this time from the perspective of our parents and how they merged their cultures with what they were met with in the western world.

The collection is an homage to our parents' 90's looks seen through their children's eyes, and the jewelry in this collection is an interpretation of what we recall from our childhood.

Some of us may identify with the struggles of being between something that feels like two different worlds as children, and may choose to neglect one of them as a result. As one grows older one learns to appreciate everything one is and the journeys of oneself, one’s parents and their parents.

The path… You know the people that you meet and how they impact your life. Or the events that inspire you to change your perspective. Those are the ones that we honor in this collection.

We are in constant change and the world has changed a lot in a short period of time.

Remember that love conquers all.






































Photographer: Henriette Fürst Johansen
Art Direction: Elvira Panic
Art Direction: Marion Fransrud
Styling: Elvira Panic & Haddy Ceesay
Models: Bamba «Ole P» Bawo, Zineb Bensouda, Jamal Sheik, Momar Sarr, Veronica Santos, Frederick Santos