The Diawéne team decided to do a little tribute to some of the women we love and admire. Women's day is such a beautiful way to honor all the women in our lives. We have always been surrounded by strong women, and that has impacted our lives in so many different ways, and made us who we are today. We need strong female leaders that can inspire and teach young girls that the sky is the limit, that they are all special in their own way and that they can do anything they put their mind to.
This is for all the women we love.
May everyday be women’s day!

Special thanks to Citrus Studio for making this happen. Also, special thanks to our awesome Diawéne friends featured in the pictures and videos.


Love, Team Diawéne ︎

Videographer: Helena Haugen
Art Direction: Elvira Panic
Art Direction: Marion Fransrud

Special Thanks to:
Sara Abraham, Elin Carlsen, Xochitl Vavik, Thea Tveter Lysvik, Eleonora Si-Lang og
Ditte Kristensen for being a part of this project and sharing your stories.